Summer Garden Watering Schedule

Our garden needs your help! Watering should be done at least 3 times a week (more if possible). We are leaving the hoses out for your convenience – all you need to bring up is the watering key. We will give the key to the first person on the list, and you will only need to contact the person who follows your week and arrange to pass the key. If the key is lost, you can get a new one at Home Depot for about $8 (If you have to replace it, keep the receipt and we will reimburse you). We are also leaving a hidden key behind the storage bin in the garden – if you are on campus for a walk or are here while your child practices sports, and have time to water, please use the hidden key and place it back in its hiding spot when done. If there are ripe veggies, please pick them and enjoy them! Weeding is a huge problem when we get back from summer.. if you can pull up weeds too that would be marvelous! Thanks for your help in keeping our garden beautiful this summer!

Week, Name, Phone Number

May 30 -June 5:The Kelmans, 714-582-2972
June 6 - June 12: The Kelmans, 714-582-2972
June 13 - June 19: Steve Reger, 714-329-6336
June 20 - June 26:Kasi Kim 310-487-1125
June 27 - July 3: The Ervins 714-870-5430
July 4-10 Curiel Fam 909-286-9204
July 11-17 Curiel Fam 909-286-9204
July 18-24 Laase 714-814-8398
July 25-31 Laase 714-814-8398
Aug. 1-7 The Kelmans, 714-582-2972

Thanks so much parents, for helping us keep our garden beautiful over the summer.