Dear ABC Parents:

Our Stone Soup Celebration will be on 11/16/17 at 11:15 a.m (right after 2/3 has PE). This celebration goes along with the book Stone Soup, which we will be reading during the week. We don't make the soup with meat or meat broth in our soup fyi. The kids are also learning a song which they will sing before we eat. We will make vegetable soup the day before in class with the children. In anticipation of our needs, please signup below to bring something if you are able.

I can bring the following FRESH veggies on Monday, 11/13/17: Please put your name after what you will bring
6 potatoes: Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
4 ears corn: Rumiko Ishikawa(Nina)
2 small bunch green beans: (Katie T/Jack S)
10 carrots: Destiny Conwi (Josiah)
2 small bunch celery: Nanae Tanabe(Carina )
2 small onion: (Katie T)
Barley or something similar for filler: Soo Orona (Ethan)
NOTE: This list should be enough for two pots of vegetable soup, but if you find a great deal on other veggies you want to bring, please feel free to do so.

I can bring 2-4 butter knives for chopping vegetables with students: Destiny Conwi(Josiah) (room5)
and (room 6), Jason Cook (Eloise Cook- Room 6)

I can volunteer on Wednesday, 11/15/17 to chop veggies with students: (if more people want to come that's fine with us - makes the job easier with more adults. This is the minimum we need to make this work):
1. Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
2.Annie Mendez (isabelle)
NOTE: If we don't get parent volunteers for this, we won't be able to make the soup.

I can bring a large crock pot on Wednesday, 11/15/17 and pick it up after school on Wednesday, 11/15/17:
1. (Rm. 6): Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
2. (Rm. 5): Catey Reese (Maggie)

I can bring a soup ladle on Wednesday, 11/15/17 and pick it up after school on Thursday, 11/16/17:
1. Room 6: Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
2. Room 5: Catey Reese (Maggie)

I can bring 2 dozen mini cornbread muffins (Mini muffins work best):
1. Catey Reese (Maggie)
2. Lisa Smith (William)
3. Lisa Smith
4. Lisa Smith

I can bring 3 boxes of juice boxes:
1. (katie t)
2.Annie Mendez (isabelle)
3.Annie Mendez (isabelle)

I can bring a large box/bag of plastic spoons (90 count would be good):
1. Candice Hickman (Jameson)

I can bring napkins - enough for 90:
1. Candice Hickman (Jameson)

I can bring paper bowls (enough for 30):
1.Melanie Laase (James)
2.Melanie Laase (James)
3.Melanie Laase (James)

Thanks Parents!