Hello Room 5 Parents:
Please consider signing up for a weekly time slot - we really need help in the morning so we can pull small learning groups and also get students independent daily plan work checked and projects done :-) Afternoons are not as crucial as the kindys go home and I am working whole group with first grade on math and theme journals, but we do need help two days a week for multiage projects.. Thanks so much for your help; we couldn't run our program without you!

NOTE: Times may change slightly once we have our recess/PE schedule for 17.18.

9:00 to 10:30
10:30 to 12:20

None needed this slot
Soo Orona (9-10)
Destiny Conwi
None needed this slot
Brenda Klingenmaier

None needed this slot

None needed this slot
Sara Pugach*

None needed this slot
*I had to switch from Monday to Friday, so if anyone wants to take the Monday slot, it's open.

Other: Please list your name here if you can't commit to a regular time slot, but there is something you can do to help out, or another time you are available to come in:
It would work out best for me 9-10 on most Mondays.
Soo Orona

I can most likely do special volunteer days, projects and prep with plenty of advanced notice. It depends on my work schedule. I am creative- draw, paint, crafts, etc.
Catey Reese

Debbie Deonton Tue or Thur 1100-1225
Sophia Gillen Tue or Wed 9-1:30, sometimes Friday too
Jiwon Yoo SOme Thur, not every week though, to 10:00 a.m.
Catey Reese - Irregular, schedule changes weekly
Amaris Avellan - MWam/after 8/28 TWTh after 2 pm
Melanie Laase, before shool or take home

I am a computer geek. If there's any help needed with the iPods, that's right up my alley. Also, I'm an expert in web design. So if you need help in that area, just let me know. ~ Brenda Klingenmaier

Thank you.