Hello K/1 Parents:

Please sign up for a Spring conference time below Reminder: this signup is for Room 5 (K/1) only.
I look forward to meeting with you and sharing the great progress your child has made this trimester! Mary

Friday, 3/10
4:00 Steven Tanabe (Carina)
4:20 Lauren Johnson (Andrew)
4:40 Sarah & David Kelman (Zoe)
5:00 Kasi Kim - Ella

Mon, 3/13
1:40 Breanna MacG (Shiloh)
2:00 Irene Lee (Elena)
2:20Rumiko Ishikawa ( Nina)
2:40 Lucy Islas (Dominick)
3:00 Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
3:20 Laura Rosenkranz (Van)
3:40 Kristin and Matt Schleicher (Jack)
4:20 Brynn Ervin (Anthony)
4:40 Robert and Kristen Adams (Jacob)
5:00 Candice Rees (Jameson)

Tues., 3/14
8:40 Phil Chung (Gavin)
1:40 Amy (Jonathan E)
2:00 Olga Mejía (Isabel)
2:20 Olga Mejía (Clara)
2:40 Kristin & Ramon (Ramon Henry)
3:00 Crook
3:20 Cook (Eloise) Karen
4:00 Erin McLaughlin
4:20 Jiwon Yoo (Ellie)
4:40 Jason Cook (Eloise)
5:00 Laase's (James)

Monday, 3/20/17 (after conference week)
3:30 Benna Kennedy (Shae)
3:50 Allison Massenzio (Elizabeth)
4:10 Candice Rees (Jameson)
4:30 Carlo Bellaflor/Erica Magnuson (Rhys)

Tuesday, 3/21/17 (after conference week)
4:00 Lauren Johnson (Andrew)
4:30 Ameena Qazi (Kayden)

Dear Parents: I'm going to be at CUE on the 15th, 16th, and 17th. I'm so sorry... we have to reschedule... If you are no longer listed, please try to find another spot above that will work. So sorry!