Hi K/1 Parents:

Can you help us set up counting collections? If so please indicate below if you can help next to the item you can help with, and I'll contact you as a group to set up when we can do these things!

1. Is anyone able to come in and count out collections with what I already have? Things I have that need sorting into tubs are: keys, shells, buttons, pasta, beans. There may be more, but we will just need to open up my cupboards and find out!
1. Rumiko Ishikawa ( Nina's mom) when?

2. There is a Gladware collection of different color/size tubs that was suggested for counting collection storage. It costs somewhere around $17. Would someone be willing to purchase this for our classroom and donate them?

3. Bottle Caps! Those pesky lids to disposable water bottles could make a great collection to count. Can you start saving the lids if you use single use water bottles? I need 50 if we are going to use this. Don't go out and buy them if you don't already, but if you do, would you mind saving the lids for us?
1. Candice hickman

4. Collect objects for counting collections: pompoms, paper clips, etc. Things we don't already have, unusual things? Something your kids no longer use like those little rubber bands from the bracelets kids made a few years ago?
1. Baby food pouch lids- Ramon & Oliver
2. those little rubber bands:-Nina

Thanks much!