Hello parents!

Can you help us out on the first day of school? We need about 2-3 parents in each classroom, preferably parents who are returning to our program.

Sign up below if you can help on Monday, 8/14/17
Room 5:
1. Cindy Calisher
2. Brynn Ervin - will do 1st grade math books
3. Angeli Takahashi (and Karis Takahashi)

Room 6:
1. Need pencils sharpened - Tuan or linda Le will be there most of a.m.
2. Karen Liu (will be back around 10 after I drop Ben)
3. Olga Mejia (I can only stay until about 9:20 but we'll come early)

Room 6 also has some things that can be taken home and prepped, including cutting laminate and prepping book orders, you can see Mrs. Hogerhuis before or after school**
Linda will take whatever you need done home. If I'm not there, just give it to Tuan to take home.