Hi Parents:
We can take as many as 16 volunteers with us to the Arboretum on Monday after break. There is no charge for this trip.

We have room on the bus for some parents, but some would need to drive, and if you drive you would likely need to pay for parking as the Arboretum has a small parking lot. It might be best to carpool. There is no need to be fingerprint cleared for this trip as we will go as either one large group or two.

Please sign up to go along if you are able to go with us on Monday, 4/3/17.

Thank you!
Mary and Angela

I will chaperone and ride the bus:
1. Miss Jane, CSUF volunteer
2. Mrs. Hood

3. Mrs. Hogerhuis' substitute teacher
4. Heath aid
5.Julie McVicar- Kayla's mom
(there may be room for a few more, not sure)

I will drive/carpool (Please indicate if you are willing to take parents in your car):
1. Ann Holbrook
2. Tanya Jackson
3.maryuri Gonzalez (Nathen G)
5.Steve Reger