Hi Rooms 5 & 6 families:

Our end of the year picnic is planned for Monday, 5/22/17. This is a fun family event and and end of the year picnic at Bastanchury Park. Please sign up to bring something, and we hope you will be able to join us for this fun day of celebrating a wonderful school year with our ABC kids! Siblings and parents welcome!

40 filled water balloons
1.Candice Hickman (Jameson rees mom )
2.kristin (Ramon's mom)
3.kristin (Ramon's mom)

Dessert - something easily picked up with fingers
1. Brownies- Kasi Kim
2. Chocolate chip cookies- Lyn Block
3. Rice Krispies - Linda Doan
4. TBD - Lisa Smith

Various salads *Please bring a serving spoon*
1. Chinese chicken salad- Lyn Block
2. Angeli Takahashi
3. Julie McVicar

1 case water bottles - Coordinate - we need a few people to bring in cooler with ice please
1. Benedetta Kennedy- Shae's mom
2. Kristin (ramon's mom) will bring cooler with ice as well
3.Stevens family

Charcoal and lighter fluid:

$5.00 donation instead of bringing food/supplies:
2. Crook
3. Tanabe
4. Ishikawa
5.Melodee G.
6. Schleicher
7. Castro
8. Elies

PBJ Sandwiches:
1.Candice Hickman (Jameson Rees mom)

Meet at 10:15 a.m. to transport supplies
1. Chrystal Johnson
2. Elies

60 hot dogs:
1. Chrystal Johnson (20 hot dogs)
2. McLaughlin (I will cook them at home much easier than the small grill onsite)

2 packages hotdog buns (8 each package)
1.Aimee Reger (Kathryn) 2pkgs
2. Stevee Reger(Kathryn) 2pkgs
3. Allison Massenzio (Elizabeth) 2pk regular, 1pk gluten free

2 fruit trays
1. Linda doan
2. Marcie Cruise


potato chips
1. Kasi Kim
2. Kasi Kim
3. Gold fish - Linda doan
3. Karen Liu

60 juice boxes
1. Jiwon Yoo
2. Holbrook
50 count plastic forks:
1. Karen Liu
2. Marcie Cruise

large package of napkins
1. Lisa Smith

vegetable tray
1. Aimee Reger (Kathryn)
2. Stevee Reger (Kathryn)

grill accessories we can borrow - cleaning spray, wire brush, tongs, matches/lighter:

Who will be our grill masters?
1. Chrystal Johnson

Miscellaneous items we need:
2 tablecloths: McLaughlin
Black trash bags:McLaughlin
foil pans with covers for hot dogs: McLaughlin

Thanks parents!
Mary and Angela