Hi ABC Parents:

We are going to put things we need on this list so if you are out and about and want to pick anything up for us, you will know what we need!
Please mark it off if you are getting it so we don't get duplicates.
Strike-through means it's already taken care of!
Room 5 Mrs. Hood Wishlist
Room 6 Mrs. Hogerhuis Wishlist
Supplies for the Play
Wig for Thomas Jefferson
Ziplock style sandwich baggies, any brand
15 Playing cards sets (incomplete sets ok)
Patriotic Plastic bunting
Vermiculite - small bag
Contact paper
Plastic Camping mugs
organic soil - cheap kind! 3 bags
Colored Duct Tape

Book Case needs fixing, the backing is coming off, looks like it is on with staple gun.
Let me know if you can come before, after, school or to make special arrangements on a weekend.

Mrs. Hogerhuis and Mrs. Hood