12.21.17 Thursday Gingerbread Cookie Activity

Hello ABC Parents:

We want to decorate gingerbread cookies with the class on Thursday, 12/21/17 but we no longer have an oven at RH. One way to solve this is just to bring in store-bought cookies with fixings to decorate them. Can we get a few parents to help us with this project? Please sign up below and bring your supplies on 12/21:

I can bring 61 gingerbread cookies (no nuts):
1. Catey Reese (Maggie)

I can bring decorating supplies (things like frosting, candies that will make eyes/nose/mouth/buttons/etc)
1. Kristin (Oliver & Ramon)
2. Chrystal (Lillee)
3. Laura (Van)

I can bring 61 plastic knives so each child can have their own:
1. Kristin (Ramon & Oliver)

I can volunteer that day to help with the decorating stations, we will try to be done by 10:00 recess:
1. Destiny Conwi (Josiah)
2. Karen Liu (Eloise)
3. Chrystal Johnson (Lillee)
4. Karin Fisher (jackson/LLucill/Lincoln)